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Suite 215

Glen Carbon, IL  62034

© 2019 by SNIP Alliance 

It is with much heartache that the Board of SNIP Alliance is announcing plans to disband the organization, something we did not expect as the direction for us in 2020. 
With reduction in available grants and funding sources, limited opportunities for large scale fundraising and other unexpected circumstances, we believe this is our only option.  We will utilize the legal guidelines set forth by the State of Illinois Attorney General Charitable Trust Bureau to pass along any available monetary resources for spay/neuter services to other qualified non-profit organizations.  In addition, we are confident the Riverbend Pet Food Pantry will remain but under the direction of a different non-profit organization.   
We do want to express our gratitude to our Executive Director, Amy Miller for all of her hard work to enhance the organization and our presence in Madison County over the last year.    
We are proud of the number of spayed/neutered dogs and cats we have saved since 2011, in excess of 7,600, which is phenomenal for a small "grass roots" organization.
We are beyond thankful to all of our loyal supporters and volunteers who have believed in our mission and been there for us! 
We hope you will find it in your hearts to carry on our mission and support someone who may need help with the cost of a spay/neuter or to feed a pet.     

Sandra Eaves,
Founder and President